The Success of OKUYAY Platform was Explained in Numbers at the Conclusion Meeting!

The results of the 24-month intensive work of the OKUYAY Platform were announced at the Concluding Meeting held online. The sustainability goals of the OKUYAY Platform were also shared at the meeting, and the ownership of the project was called for. The OKUYAY Platform shared the data obtained and the resources prepared as a result […]

Reading Clubs Booklet Prepared by OKUYAY Platform Has Been Published!

OKUYAY Platform published its “Reading Clubs” booklet in digital and printed format after the activities it organized to discuss the contribution of reading clubs to reading culture. The booklet also includes information about the history of reading clubs, types of reading clubs, and reading clubs for children, as well as the topics discussed in the […]

What Should the Public Do to Improve Reading Culture?

OKUYAY TALKS- 10 WHAT SHOULD THE PUBLIC DO TO IMPROVE THE READING CULTURE? PROBLEMS-SOLUTIONS-SUGGESTIONS The OKUYAY Talks meeting series, organized by the OKUYAY Platform openly to the participation of everyone, continues with its agenda, which draws attention to what the public should do to improve the reading culture. Advisory Boards, one of the important parts […]

The Importance and Effect of the Reading Clubs were Discussed in 9th of the OKUYAY Talks!

The research conducted by the OKUYAY Platform reveal that reading clubs have an effective place in spreading the reading culture. This strong influence and the contribution of the clubs to the reading culture were evaluated in the 9th of OKUYAY Talks held online on Tuesday, December 8th. The panel organized in this scope titled “The […]

10.000 People Participated in OKUYAY Platform’s Read Aloud Day Project in Three Weeks!

TOP 5 VOICE-READING PROVINCES are ISTANBUL, ANKARA, ANTALYA, ESKİŞEHİR, and ADANA OKUYAY Platform aims to support NGOs as well as activists and volunteers working to promote the reading culture and also aims to spread the best practices around the country. The Read-Aloud Day, one of the projects that were supported by the platform in this […]

OKUYAY Platform’s New Project, Read Aloud Day!

A new one is being added to the pilot projects supported by the OKUYAY Platform (Platform for Dissemination of Reading Culture), which is one of the most comprehensive projects carried out for the culture of reading in our country so far: Read Aloud Day Project! In the project to be carried out by the OKUYAY […]

The Library City Project Transforming Apartments into Libraries Continues in Konya!

The Library City Project, one of the pilot projects supported by OKUYAY Platform (Platform for Dissemination of the Reading Culture), continues its effect in Konya in Ankara! Within the scope of the project, which aims to reinforce the neighborhood culture with the reading culture and which the apartment residents can apply together, now every household […]

OKUYAY Meetings-10: Promoting Books in Magazines and Newspapers!

Since the day the platform was established, OKUYAY has exchanged ideas by inviting experts according to the subjects it has determined. The tenth of the OKUYAY Meetings which was created for this scope, has been was held online on August 18, 2020. The subject of the meeting was “Promoting Books in Magazines and Newspapers”. Attendances […]

Coordinators of Pilot Projects, That Will Be Supported by OKUYAY Platform, Gathered for the First Time at Online OKUYAY Meetings

OKUYAY Platform aims to continue supporting the development of reading culture with the online meetings it organizes during the pandemic period. The 8th of the OKUYAY Meetings, organized for this purpose, was held online on Tuesday, May 12, 2020, with the title “Pilot Projects Meet”. Pilot projects to be supported within the scope of OKUYAY […]

“The Effect and Contribution of Social Media on Reading Culture in Pandemic Days” Meeting Was Held!

“The Effect and Contribution of Social Media to Reading Culture in Pandemic Days” was discussed in many aspects in the 7th of OKUYAY Speeches organised by OKUYAY Platform (Platform for Spreading Reading Culture), on Friday, May 15, 2020, at 16.00-17.30. More than 80 spectators attended the online panel. The panel started with the speech of […]

OKUYAY Meetings – 9 “What Do The Youth Read?” Meeting Held Online

The 9th of the OKUYAY Meetings “What Do The Youth Read?”, was held by OKUYAY Platform (Platform for Spreading Reading Culture) on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, between 16.00-18.00. The meeting was held with the attandance of The OKUYAY Platform team members as well as Ali Fuat Kartal (Turkish Librarians Association), Nur Otaran (Reading Culture Association), […]

“Our Reading Culture” was discussed at The 9. Turkey Publishing Council Online

The 9th of the Turkey Publishing Council which is organised biennially by Turkey Publishers Association was held on 25-26 June 2020 online! In 6 sessions held during the two-day council, a total of 58 speakers took part, including 46 speakers from Turkey and 12 abroad. In the “Reading Culture and Looking to the Future” session […]

OKUYAY Platform Consultative Committee Meetings Was Held!

The third meetings of OKUYAY Advisory Boards was held. In the meetings held online by the 0-6 age, 6-18 age (K12) boards on July 7, 2020, and adult boards on July 10, 2020, problems to access the books was expressed as a common problem in all segments of the society. The lack of library use, […]

Pilot Projects Supported by OKUYAY Platform Started in Adana, Ankara and Istanbul!

The kick-off meetings of the pilot projects supported by the OKUYAY Platform were held. The meetings started with the project coordinators’ presentations! In the meetings, the project coordinators made presentations about their projects, their collaborations and the activities they will carry out in their projects. The inclusion of public institutions and organizations and NGOs among […]

OKUYAY Platform Pilot Project Application Process is Completed!

The application and evaluation process for OKUYAY Platform pilot projects has been completed, we thank all applicants for participating in this process. There have been 12 applications from three provinces including Ankara, Istanbul and Adana were made to our call, one application was invalid due to the failure to send sufficient documents. No application has […]

OKUYAY Talks – 7: The Effect and Contribution of Social Media to Reading Culture in Pandemic Days

Many of our habits have changed during these days. So what happened to our habit of reading books? How does social media affect our relationship with books? During this process, what had been done about reading on social media worldwide and in our country? Does recommending, reading books and campaigning from social media contribute to […]

OKUYAY Platform Held the Two-Day Capacity Development Training for NGOs!

The two-day NGO Capacity Development Training of OKUYAY Platform (Dissemination Platform Reading Culture) was held at DoubleTree by Hilton Moda. Nearly 50 participants from non-governmental organizations, bookstore representatives, informal structure, activists, teachers, librarians and volunteers have joined the training. In the training, where workshops were held on project application process, public relations, advocacy and project writing, information […]

OKUYAY Platform Held the Istanbul Pilot Regional Meeting!

The first meeting of OKUYAY Platform in Istanbul, which is one of the 4 regions where pilot projects will be carried out, was held with wide participation. At the meeting held at the Algeria Meeting Hall on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, studies and needs to spread the reading culture were identified. Information on how to […]

OKUYAY Platform Held the Ankara Pilot Regional Meeting!

The first meetings of OKUYAY Platform (Dissemination Platform Reading Culture) in Ankara, one of the 4 regions where it will carry out its pilot projects, has been performed. At the meeting in which the studies that carried out to spread the reading culture in Ankara and its surroundings, identified needs and possible studies were discussed, […]

OKUYAY Platform Held the Samsun Pilot Regional Meeting!

The first meetings of OKUYAY Platform (Dissemination Platform Reading Culture) in Samsun, one of the 4 regions where it will carry out its pilot projects, has been performed. To the first meeting that took place after Samsun was chosen as a pilot region, President of the Association of Turkey Publishers Kenan Kocaturk, OKUYAY Platform team, […]

The First Pilot Regional Meeting of OKUYAY Platform Took Place in Adana!

OKUYAY Platform’s first of the meetings for the 4 regions where it will carry out its pilot projects, held in Adana. To the first meeting held on Tuesday, 7 January 2020; President of the Association of Turkey Publishers Kenan Kocaturk, OKUYAY Platform team, one of the partners Turkish Librarians Association, Kadıköy Municipality, Mother and Child […]

The first of OKUYAY Platform Advisory Board Meetings were held!

The Turkey Reading Culture Research prepared under the leadership of OKUYAY Platform, and The Turkey NGO Mapping Research completed and the pilot projects’ cities selected for the dissemination of reading culture announced to the public. In the light of the data obtained in the researches, 0-6 Ages, 6-18 Ages (K12) and Adult OKUYAY Advisory Boards […]

4 Regions Determined for Pilot Projects of OKUYAY Platform Announced!

The regions identified in line with Turkey NGO Platform for Mapping Research which was commissioned by OKUYAY are Istanbul, Ankara, Adana, and Samsun. The promotion and press conference of one of the most comprehensive projects carried out so far for the reading culture in our country which is implemented under the leadership of Turkey Publishers […]

The Impact of School Libraries and Librarians on Reading Culture Discussed at OKUYAY Meetings

The sixth of OKUYAY Meetings, which discussed “The Effect of School Libraries and Librarians on Reading Culture”, was held on December 3, 2019, at the work office of OKUYAY Platform in Taksim, Istanbul. During the meeting, the focus of the discussion was about the activities and conditions which can be achieved to direct the students’ […]

Reading Culture Research Panel was Made!

42% of our society reads and we believe that reading is important! In 3rd of November, KONDA Research Company analyst Aydın Erdem and General Manager Bekir Ağırdır made a presentation about the results of the latest Turkey Reading Culture Research, in 38th International Istanbul Book Fair. According to the survey, when compared to the Lifestyles […]

We Made Our Frankfurt Study Visits

OKUYAY Platform made its study visit in Frankfurt between 14-16 October 2019. The visit organized by our project partner Stiftung Lesen was attended by Ebru Şenol and Sevengül Sönmez representing the OKUYAY Platform, Ali Fuat Kartal from the Turkish Librarians Association representing our partners and Görkem Akın from Kadıköy Municipality. On the second day, Kalbach […]

OKUYAY Meetings 4 – Reading Culture Studies in Diyarbakır

ÇATOM ADEM officials who have been working to expand the reading culture in Diyarbakır; Support to Life; representatives of AÇEV which is one of the partners of OKUYAY Platform, and representatives of PEN Writers Association, and OKUYAY Platform Sectoral Expert Sevengül Sönmez had a meeting in AÇEV’s training centre in Sur. After the meeting, they […]

We organised the 3rd OKUYAY Meeting!

The 3rd OKUYAY Meeting themed “first reading books’ influence on reading culture” was held in our project office on July 19. Among its participants were publishers, authors, editors, teachers, representatives from academic groups, project partner representatives, and the project team. During the meeting, very important topics such as the condition of first reading books in […]

OKUYAY Platform’s business visit to London!

OKUYAY Platform’s United Kingdom business visit was realised during an organisation of our project partner Kingston University between 1-4 July. OKUYAY Platform’s project team in London included our Project Coordinator Ebru Şenol, Sectoral Expert Sevengül Sönmez as well as representatives from our project partners, including Duygu Yaşar (from AÇEV) and Özge Çehreli (from Kadıköy Municipality). […]

We talked about the relation between children’s picture book and reading culture during the 2nd OKUYAY Meeting!

We held our 2nd OKUYAY Meeting titled “The Influence of Children’s Picture Books on Reading Culture” in our Taksim office. In the meeting which was realised with the participation of representatives specialising in this topic, we talked about how influential children’s picture books are in the development of a reading habit; how these books are […]

Kadıköy Environment Festival has ended!

Kadıköy Municipality brings all environment-oriented constituents in Kadıköy Environment Festival as part of the Environment Week. This year, we luckily found ourselves a room in this aforementioned festival to enjoy a wide range of events that our partner, Kadıköy Municipality, had kindly hosted. We would like to express our special thanks of gratitude to guest […]

OKUYAY Talks, as part of İzmir Book Fair!

On April 7, our first ever OKUYAY Talks was organised as part of the 24th İzmir Book Fair. Luckily for us, many readers who wanted to contribute to the development and dissemination of reading culture took an interest in the Platform. The panel was realised with the participation of Sevengül Sönmez as the moderator, and […]

OKUYAY Platform’s first business visit, Bologna!

OKUYAY Platform’s Project Coordinator, Ebru Şenol, realised the platform’s first business visit, participating in a set of meetings in Bologna. First of these meetings was an EU Read panel, part of Bologna Fiere (Children’s Book Fair). During the panel, spokespeople for the platform gave some general information on EU Read and their new project – […]

OKUYAY Platform has been founded!

Turkish Publishers Association has cleared an important step towards the development and dissemination of reading culture: Platform for Dissemination of Reading Culture (abbreviated OKUYAY Platform) has been founded under the leadership of the association in an attempt to develop and publicise a reading culture in Turkey. The project, affiliating with CSOs and public institutions, aims […]