“Reading Is Creating the Future”

What we all agree on is the importance of reading books.

The reading activity affects and improves the human, both in individual and in social life; it helps people create a new world for themselves. A democratic and modern society requires self-realized ‘individuals.’ In other words, an individual who has acquired the culture of reading is empowered by the process of thinking critically.

Although frequently used in Turkey in recent years, ‘reading culture’ gets mistaken for “reading habit”. Reading culture is the most fundamental variable that configures the individual’s thinking, criticizing and producing processes. It necessitates the acquisition of ‘critical literacy’ which is the upper step of the reading habit. Acquisition of reading culture is a complementary and a consecutive process. 

Reading culture can be defined as the level of reading, universal literacy achieved through the transformation of reading into habit and critical reading skill.  For the acquisition of reading culture, there is a great deal of responsibility for families, teachers, librarians and publishers.

OKUYAY Platform was founded within the Grant Scheme for Partnerships and Networks of Civil Society Sector by the Turkish Publishers Association, it undertakes the dissemination of reading culture within our country as one of its study topics.    

It aims to spread the best practices of Europe and Turkey to the general public of Turkey, by supporting the CSOs, activists and volunteers who work to promote a reading culture.

Activities and Events

  • At the beginning of our study, there will be a survey to be carried out on 3000 people in 20 cities, revealing the status of reading culture in Turkey.
  • A database of NGOs, activists and volunteers that support the reading culture in Turkey will be created.
  • The results of these two surveys will be shared with interested parties and the public.
  • Capacity building training will be given to 50 NGOs and 50 activists, chosen from the database.
  • Through various activities, 50 local NGOs will benefit directly from the project and 500 NGOs will benefit indirectly.
  • At least 30 events will be held, bringing together selected NGOs, active citizens and public authorities.
  • These NGO representatives will be brought together with representatives of NGOs and other related EU institutions working on reading culture in Europe.
  • Following the completion of the survey and database work, in the light of the information obtained, pilot projects will be conducted in four selected regions, that will bring together parents, teachers, public institutions, libraries and civil society members and with the broadcasting stakeholders.
  • At least 4000 people will be reached through pilot projects in selected regions.
  • All the works throughout the project, communications and social networks will be announced to all NGOs, via the web page of the platform, and by the guides to be prepared.
  • The “Guide to Develop Reading Culture’’ will be an important reference in this field. 10,000 prints will be sent to the relevant people at the end of the Project.
  • OKUYAY Platform aims to bring together who supports the development of the reading culture with the meetings and activities to be organized in their office in Taksim, Istanbul. Within the OKUYAY Platform, visit of 1000 people is targeted through;
    • 12 Advisory Meetings covering all issues addressed by the Project
    • 50 meetings under the title of “Okuyay Talks ”and “Okuyay Meetings”
  • A library on reading culture will be established within the platform, will also be open to researchers.
  • OKUYAY Platform will hold a stand-booth at 10 TUYAP book fairs and at the Kadıköy Municipality’s events to inform 3500 people about the project. Panels will also be organized to discuss the reading culture conceptually in these fairs and events.

Expected Results

  • Creating a mechanism to enable NGOs’ active participation in policy and decision-making processes
  • Establishing a network platform between NGOs working on reading, supporting reading culture and access to books
  • Improving the activities of the targeted NGOs, and strengthening management and institutional capacities of these organizations

After the completion of the project, the sustainability of the OKUYAY platform will be among the objectives of the Turkey Publishers Association.

With the awareness that every person has the responsibility to create a reading society; and with the ambition to be part of everything about books and reading in Turkey, The Turkey Publishers Association has started this new project; OKUYAY Platform. Please follow!