The Success of OKUYAY Platform was Explained in Numbers at the Conclusion Meeting!

The results of the 24-month intensive work of the OKUYAY Platform were announced at the Concluding Meeting held online. The sustainability goals of the OKUYAY Platform were also shared at the meeting, and the ownership of the project was called for.

The OKUYAY Platform shared the data obtained and the resources prepared as a result of its work at the Concluding Meeting held online on Tuesday, January 12, 2021. At the meeting, the results and the outcomes of the 24-month activity of OKUYAY Platform were summarized as follows:

  • Building effective and strong partnerships and networks
  • Making research and sharing them with the public
  • Creating comprehensive resources that serve the community
  • Reaching millions of people and children
  • Making a sample application with a read aloud day by making a call to action for the activities to be done in the reading culture
  • Creating good practice examples with pilot projects
  • “What Should the Public Do to Improve the Culture of Reading?” campaign to prepare a draft proposal list of laws / regulations to be submitted to public authorities
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