Coordinators of Pilot Projects, That Will Be Supported by OKUYAY Platform, Gathered for the First Time at Online OKUYAY Meetings

OKUYAY Platform aims to continue supporting the development of reading culture with the online meetings it organizes during the pandemic period. The 8th of the OKUYAY Meetings, organized for this purpose, was held online on Tuesday, May 12, 2020, with the title “Pilot Projects Meet”.

Pilot projects to be supported within the scope of OKUYAY Platform were announced recently, and 4 pilot projects selected among the project applications related to reading culture were entitled to receive grants from OKUYAY Platform. The owners of the selected projects came together for the first time at the meeting titled “Pilot Projects Meet” and explained their own projects and learned about the details of the other projects to be implemented. At the meeting, the project coordinators exchanged ideas to make the projects more widely announced during the implementation phase.

“The Effect and...