The Importance and Effect of the Reading Clubs were Discussed in 9th of the OKUYAY Talks!

The research conducted by the OKUYAY Platform reveal that reading clubs have an effective place in spreading the reading culture. This strong influence and the contribution of the clubs to the reading culture were evaluated in the 9th of OKUYAY Talks held online on Tuesday, December 8th.

The panel organized in this scope titled “The Contribution of Reading Clubs to Reading Culture” attracted great attention from the participants. Professor of Information and Documentation Management at Hacettepe University. Dr. Bulent Yilmaz, Kitapkurdu Club children’s books editor Mehmet Erkurt, psychologist-writer Şule İzgi Şahin, and OKUYAY Platform sector expert Sevengül Sönmez were the speaker at the online panel. During the meeting, different characteristics of the increasing number of reading clubs were discussed and the contributions of reading clubs to the reading culture and readers were discussed extensively.

Many questions were answered in the Q&A part of the panel. Participants also informed each other about reading clubs from the chat section of the Zoom platform.

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