10.000 People Participated in OKUYAY Platform’s Read Aloud Day Project in Three Weeks!


OKUYAY Platform aims to support NGOs as well as activists and volunteers working to promote the reading culture and also aims to spread the best practices around the country. The Read-Aloud Day, one of the projects that were supported by the platform in this scope has been completed with the activities held on 20 November. The project managed by the OKUYAY Platform is aimed to be a traditional celebration by realizing it every year. This year Read-Aloud Day was celebrated with over 10,000 participants in a short period of three weeks.

The theme of this year’s Read-Aloud Day Project, realized with the support of Stiftung Lesen (Foundation for Reading Culture), which operates in Germany, was “Europe and the World”. The project, which can be easily implemented by all age groups, children, teenagers and adults, invited everyone to read aloud for at least 15 minutes every day. Within the scope of the Read Aloud Day Project, aloud reading activities were held in the school, park, home, workplace, garden, and outdoor areas throughout November.

According to the information on the registration forms filled out by the participants on the website, reading aloud activities were held in 41 provinces. The 5 provinces that read aloud the most were Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Eskişehir, and Adana. 330 people filled the form and audiobooks were read to a total of 1,845 people.

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