OKUYAY Platform’s New Project, Read Aloud Day!

A new one is being added to the pilot projects supported by the OKUYAY Platform (Platform for Dissemination of Reading Culture), which is one of the most comprehensive projects carried out for the culture of reading in our country so far: Read Aloud Day Project! In the project to be carried out by the OKUYAY Platform, a new and important step is taken in order to spread the reading culture in the society by supporting the act of reading aloud, whose benefits have been proven by various research.

OKUYAY Platform is preparing to realize the Voice Reading Day Project with the support of Stiftung Lesen (Foundation for Reading Culture), one of its subsidiaries and operating in Germany. Having held the initial meetings in July, Read Aloud Day Project for the promotion of reading culture in Turkey for children, youth, adults, people of all ages can be easily applied, provides a method has many advantages. A parallel action plan with Stiffung Lesen will be followed with the project activities that will continue throughout November.

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