The Library City Project Transforming Apartments into Libraries Continues in Konya!

The Library City Project, one of the pilot projects supported by OKUYAY Platform (Platform for Dissemination of the Reading Culture), continues its effect in Konya in Ankara! Within the scope of the project, which aims to reinforce the neighborhood culture with the reading culture and which the apartment residents can apply together, now every household will turn into a book, each floor a shelf and each apartment will turn into a library with posters hanging on the windows in Konya.

The Library City – Ankara Project, run by the Kutup-anne Platform between June and September, attracted great attention both locally and nationally. Reading Culture Seminars for Children were organized within the scope of the project; Ankara Reading Culture Infrastructure was mapped; children at the apartment scale were provided with qualified children’s books; New experiences were offered to children and families. In the feedback of the project implemented in Ankara, it was emphasized that the project was promising for both children and families, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic process, and families witnessed the development of children following the instructions in the “My Library Poster”. The project, which covers children between the ages of 3-6 and 7-10 and their dependents, aims to increase the frequency, duration and number of books read at home. In the project, which reached 670 children in person, this number increases even more through social media.

At this point, OKUYAY Platform and Library-Mother Platform decided to implement the Library City Project in a new city, with the goal of a simple but highly effective project that can be expanded in the field of reading culture. Konya has been designated as the new “Library City”, to preparations will be held in October and implementation will begin in November.

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