Partners & Affiliates


Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV)

Mother Child Education Foundation (hereinafter referred as AÇEV) works to make sure every child is safe, healthy, happy, and learning. They develop and implement evidence-based educational programmes for children, parents, and young women in need across the country. It is a non-governmental organisation working mainly on educational programmes. Conducting a plethora of researches on their target audience, AÇEV develops evidence-based programmes that will meet these needs and/or requirements. These programmes are implemented and evaluated through partnerships and their target audience consists of children, parents and young women whose development is not supported due to social and economic reasons.

Kadıköy Municipality

Serving within the framework of a municipality’s jurisdiction and responsibilities, and ensuring these services remain sustainable, Kadıköy Municipality’s mission is to create a strong society and environment while focusing mainly on participatory, progressive, modernist, smiling, egalitarian and libertarian children and young adults. Their vision is to be a pioneer in innovation and in due course, to employ a participative management approach. A wide range of cultural and art activities take place within the body of municipality and residents and visitors of Kadıköy enjoy these activities anytime during the year.

Turkish Librarians’ Association

Turkish Librarians’ Association aims at gathering Turkish librarians under a professional organisation where they will have an opportunity to make themselves heard, discuss and solve mutual and/or individual problems and be in solidarity with one another. The association was founded under the leadership of Adnan Ötüken on 19 November 1949 and its mission is to develop and strengthen the profession of librarianship by raising public awareness. This public awareness is anticipated to be gained through a participatory and sharing approach as well as an anticipated solidarity that will hopefully be engrained in all librarians.

Kingston University London (KUL) – United Kingdom

Kingston University London (abbreviated KU) is a public research university whose teaching and research are organised in four faculties and ten research centres. They specialise primarily in arts, philosophy, literature, fashion, and design. Their roots go back to Kingston Technical Institute (founded in 1899) and KU therefore has a long history embroidered with a wide range of cultural initiatives, including reading projects and programmes.


Stiftung Lesen

Based in Mainz, Germany, Stiftung Lesen (German Reading Foundation) is a foundation that is committed to reading and literacy promotion. They, in their words, believe that reading is a prerequisite for full participation in today’s media-led and culturally diverse society. For them, reading is fundamental to human development, as it enables people to live full and meaningful lives and helps them contribute to the enrichment of the communities in which we all live.

Okuma Kültürü Derneği (Reading Culture Foundation)

Reading Culture Foundation is an association that aims to develop reading culture, support children and the people around them to become individuals who have fundamental life skills, promote quality reading spaces and children’s libraries, and make reading accessible to all.