OKUYAY Platform Consultative Committee Meetings Was Held!

The third meetings of OKUYAY Advisory Boards was held. In the meetings held online by the 0-6 age, 6-18 age (K12) boards on July 7, 2020, and adult boards on July 10, 2020, problems to access the books was expressed as a common problem in all segments of the society.

The lack of library use, the lack of independent bookstores, and the lack of reading in public places were also identified common problems. It was also discussed how the pandemic period affected the reading culture. In the committees composed of people who have supported the reading culture with their work to spread the culture of reading and reading culture, as well as the problems, were revealed also the solution suggestions were shared.

The necessary method for determining the public institutions where these solution proposals will be shared and the NGOs that can be supported were also determined.

Advisory boards will continue to make the necessary works to advocate before the public in order to spread the culture of reading.