OKUYAY Platform

Founded under the Grant Scheme for Partnerships and Networks of Civil Society Sector, Platform for Dissemination of Reading Culture (abbreviated OKUYAY Platform) aims to publicise exemplary practices from Europe and Turkey and spread them within and among Turkish communities. This publicising is to be achieved by supporting the CSOs, activists and volunteers who are working on the dissemination of reading culture.

We, as the project team, set up an office to work on the project where we also assemble with our project partners. Therewithal, we organise OKUYAY Meetings for visitors who are interested in the project itself and/or in our library.

OKUYAY Office remains open for everyone who is interested in reading culture. On previously determined days, every visitor is welcome to come and enjoy our library of publications, including books and periodicals.

If you could visit our Platform to share your own work on reading culture, and join us during our OKUYAY Meetings, it would be a real pleasure for us. Your contribution to and suggestions concerning the Platform will definitely help us achieve a more productive project.

We also aim that the Platform will encourage other CSOs as well to actively participate in the project and to exchange information.

In addition to OKUYAY Meetings, we intend to set up a network for all our contributors. We are ready to establish a plethora of communication channels for everyone whose paths have ever crossed with our Platform’s. We want to keep everyone updated by sharing with them news from the Platform and information on other contributors.

CSOs, volunteers, teachers, libraries and public institutions who work outside selected regions can also join us anytime.

We want to bring together all the stakeholders who support the development of reading culture in our Platform and introduce them to one another.

Reading Individuals; Empowered Society

Welcome to the new project of Turkish Publishers Association that is committed -with a pure sense of responsibility- to become part of everything that is related to book and book-reading in Turkey and to organise a plethora of events both in professional and in social spheres!

OKUYAY Meetings

OKUYAY Meetings consist mainly of round-table meetings that take place in our Istanbul Taksim Office and of events that are held in the organisations we participate in, excluding panel discussions. Round-table meetings are closed-meetings where we host experts and exchange ideas to arrive at some productive conclusions relating to reading culture.


OKUYAY Talks consist of panels, interviews, and presentations which are accessible to public and are held with the participation of reading culture experts as well as a moderation. They generally take place in festivals, fairs, and some periodical events that our partner Kadıköy Municipality organizes, and we participate in.

Our Suggestions

We are writing about some interesting suggestions for readers who follow the Platform via our website and/or social media! Among our suggestions, there are books, theses, events that we like, some books from OKUYAY bookshelf, exemplary practices from all around the world that apply to our objectives, and videos.

Reading Suggestions

Academic writings, articles, interviews, and opinion columns concerning reading culture are to be monthly shared with you.

Event Suggestions

We are doing a research on events that could help disseminate reading culture and that would be suitable for readers from all age groups and sharing these exemplary ideas with you.

OKUYAY Bookshelf

Our office in Gümüşsuyu, Taksim has a bookshelf full of theses, articles, periodicals, and books regarding reading culture and its dissemination. Each month, we are introducing two reading materials in detail.

Exactly What We Should Do!

Plenty of foundations activists and/or volunteers work on the dissemination of reading culture both in our country and outside it; they are carrying out exemplary projects almost everywhere. We want to share these good examples on our website and say, “Yes, this is exactly what we should do!”

Video Suggestions

We are sharing with you some videos that have been produced in our country and outside it to promote reading culture.