OKUYAY Platform Pilot Project Application Process is Completed!

The application and evaluation process for OKUYAY Platform pilot projects has been completed, we thank all applicants for participating in this process.

There have been 12 applications from three provinces including Ankara, Istanbul and Adana were made to our call, one application was invalid due to the failure to send sufficient documents. No application has been made from Samsun, which is among the pilot regions. As a result of the evaluation process, 4 projects were entitled to receive a grant. A project from Adana has been put on hold to be implemented in case of having enough time after the pandemic and the conditions are appropriate by the project team.

The projects with the highest score and entitled to a grant according to the scoring table are as follows.

You can also access the scoring tables of all projects here.

In the upcoming period;

1- The Project Implementation Guide will be shared with the projects that are entitled to receive a grant, necessary revisions will be made over the budgets and commitments will be signed by the applicants.
2- Projects that cannot receive grants will be shared with weaknesses in their projects via e-mail.

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