OKUYAY Platform has been founded!

Turkish Publishers Association has cleared an important step towards the development and dissemination of reading culture: Platform for Dissemination of Reading Culture (abbreviated OKUYAY Platform) has been founded under the leadership of the association in an attempt to develop and publicise a reading culture in Turkey.

The project, affiliating with CSOs and public institutions, aims to publicise exemplary practices from Europe and Turkey and spread them within and among Turkish communities. This publicising is to be achieved by supporting the CSOs, activists and volunteers who are working on the dissemination of reading culture.

Turkish Publishers Association has affiliated so far with Turkish Librarians’ Association (abbreviated TKD), Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV), Kingston University (KU), and Kadıköy Municipality to work on OKUYAY Platform. The project, which is to last for 24 months, was started on 15 January 2019 with a project team of 7 people. For further information on the project, please click here.